Form D

UNF   ISO529   HSS


Hand Taps for Unified Fine Thread ANSI B1.1.

Grade of fit - 2B. Grinded thread profile.

Form D: 4 - 5 Threads Leads.




BezeichnungNo of Threads 1"L, mml1, mml2, mmd1, mma, mmzArtikel-Nummer
UNF Nr.448481173.152.533214 UNF Nr.4x48
UNF Nr.548481173.152.533214 UNF Nr.5x48
UNF Nr.640501373.552.833214 UNF Nr.6x40
UNF Nr.836531384.53.5533214 UNF Nr.8x36
UNF Nr.1032581685.04.033214 UNF Nr.10x32
UNF Nr.1228621795.64.533214 UNF Nr.12x28
UNF1/4286619116.35.033214 UNF 1/4x28
UNF5/16246919138.06.343214 UNF 5/16x24
UNF3/82476201510.08.043214 UNF 3/8x24
UNF7/16208222-8.06.343214 UNF 7/16x20
UNF1/2208424-9.07.143214 UNF 1/2x20
UNF9/16189025-11.29.043214 UNF 9/16x18
UNF5/8189525-12.510.043214 UNF 5/8x18
UNF3/41610429-14.011.243214 UNF 3/4x16
UNF7/81411333-16.012.543214 UNF 7/8x14
UNF11212035-18.014.043214 UNF 1x12
UNF1.1/81212737-20.016.043214 UNF 1.1/8x12
UNF1.1/41213737-22.418.043214 UNF 1.1/4x12
UNF1.3/81214439-25.020.043214 UNF 1.3/8x12
UNF1.1/21214939-28.022.443214 UNF 1.1/2x12